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Rewarding your child is extremely important 

Yes, even with things they are "supposed to do" like cleaning their room and doing well in school. 

Think about it, you applied for a job and you are doing what you were hired to do. But, it is still necessary for them to express appreciation or they lose employees who do not feel appreciated for the work they are doing. 

By rewarding positive accomplishments, both big and small, you reinforce those accomplishments, they will want to continue (this is a good thing and means they are on track in development of understanding positive and negative consequences). 

The more you reward positive behaviors, the more you will see positive and less negative. We all love hearing that someone we love is proud of us, or that they recognize our hard work, it feels good to hear that no matter what age we are so we shouldn't deny children that feeling. 

So, with that being said...

I want to take the time out to celebrate your child for their recent accomplishments by celebrate them on the podcast, Kids Are People Too, and IG stories.  🎉🎉🎉

Feel free to celebrate your children of any age but the prizes will just be for those ages 3-20 

All you have to do is complete the form linked below

Want to donate?

Donations are being accepted via cash app $mnstersnmagik 

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