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Khia Glover

Supporting parents and their pre-teens/teens stop the fighting, bickering, and frustration and get to a happy, healthy relationship that both can be proud of 


Parenting is not easy. Parenting pre-teens and teens through all of their emotions, hormonal changes, AND ATTITUDES is even harder!

It can be stressful, overwhelming, and down right hard! Also, mom guilt is definitely a very REAL thing!

Hi, I'm Khia...

Realist, Cookie dough and Pizza lover, and Children and Family Therapist turned Parent Coach and I am here to help you make a lasting transformation in your family.

I bet if I asked, "are there things you wish your parents did differently with you growing up that would have changed the struggles you face today?" you would say yes before I finished the question! 

You know the things you want to be different but you are struggling to make the changes. 

Maybe your family is going through big changes and you are struggling with how to make sure your children do not get lost in the shift. 

It is leading to loads of stress which impacts your ability to effectively parent and connect with your children.

You being here tells me that you are ready for a change. 

Book a Call and let's get started 


Get honest about the frustrations you feel as a parent and get solutions that you can implement immediately


Stop the yelling, arguing, and disrespect and get to clear communication that gets you the results you want 


Discipline techniques that actually work instead of punishments that don't change behaviors

What will you get from these sessions?

  • Less Headache and Stress 

  • A personalized plan developed for you and your family

  • Better understanding and communication 

  • Increased respect and better behaviors

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