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Notes by Khia, LLC

Support for pre-teens, teens, and the adults who care for them with anxiety, depression, and trauma symptoms 

Advocacy • Workshops • Training • Consultation • Coaching • Events



LIVE & Virtual interactive workshops for parents and their children to enhance their relationship and learn about children's mental health 

Parent Workshops


LIVE & Virtual interactive workshops for professionals that work with minority children and families. CEUs may be available. 

Professional  Workshops


Book Khia to train your team on children's mental health, cultural competence, trauma informed care, and ethical practices when working with minority children and families

Training & Consultation


Book Khia to speak about mental health at your event. 

Public Speaking 


Book Khia to be a guest on your podcast. 


How Can I Help?

Mindful Parenting: Thinking Beyond Today

As Khia was growing up there was hardly any talk about mental health in Black families or the Christian church. This left Khia feeling lonely and confused about the way she felt.


As a result, Khia uses her knowledge to provide the education to other young people in their families that they may not receive otherwise.

Young people who are already experiencing major changes such as puberty and growing up have a hard enough time. These experiences can be even more difficult when a student has a mental health diagnosis or mental health symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

As a caregiver for these students regardless of your role you likely did not hear much about these terms or know about its impact on your students' daily functioning. 

As a licensed therapist, author, speaker, and someone who has learned to manage similar symptoms myself I am here to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to assist your students in being the best version of themselves. 

About Khia

Children's Mental Health Advocate

Hello, I am Khia (long I, not like the car) 

I have had the desire to advocate for children ever since I can remember. I never liked the idea of adults ignoring children or not hearing their ideas, thoughts, or feelings. 

Now, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have the opportunity to do just that! 

Notes by Khia, LLC has a host of services that all center around advocating for children and their mental wellness. Some of these services include workshops for parents and professionals who work with children, trainings, and public speaking. 

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