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Dreams Come True

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

I dreamed of becoming a voice for children and I had no idea how it would happen...until I found it 🤗

Working in schools for the past few years has really fueled my desire to educate parents and teachers on children's mental health .

Children endure a lot of pressure that we, as adults, often do not recognize. Much of that stress comes from the pressures of not only their peers but greatly from their parents and teachers.

So many times that I work individuals with students their biggest frustration is, "they're not listening to me" - talking about teachers, principals, and parents.

Teachers and parents have made up their minds about what they believe is true about a child and the child suffers for it.

Maybe the child has made a mistake, several, but it is for us as the adults to use teachable moments to positively interACT with them with grace and not condemnation.

This additional pressure as well as unhealthy interACTIONS with parents and teachers leads to poor mental wellness which can often in children lead to depression, anxiety, suicide, etc.

Parenting and teaching are a lot and this is yet another thing to think about but ultimately what is going to save our children.

But I get to be the one to help mend these relationships, helping everyone involved feel fulfilled and enjoy the relationship rather than it being a dreadful thing .

My workshop, interACTIONS:Positive Parenting & Educating was created for you to help them. Get on the waitlist for the next workshop here today.

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