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Fragile: Handle with Care

Anybody else feel that your pre-teen or teen just needs this stamped right on their forehead?

Pre-teen and teen emotions can be a lot to handle - it seems like everything leads to crying or yelling and getting upset leaving you confused about what even happened 🤯

Why are they so upset about something so small?

Why are they so dramatic?

Why do we have to go through this every single day?

Pre-teen and teen emotions can leave you as the caregiver feeling frustrated ready to throw in the towel but before you give up try this:

Give them space and time to be upset - they do have a right to be upset or mad at whatever it is causing the stressor they just need to learn how to manage it better

Re-Connect with them in a way that speaks to them whether that is hugs, food, write a note, praises, etc. (you are not rewarding "bad" behavior you are inviting them to re-connect with you showing them that even though they made a mistake you still love and care for them just the same

Listen before speaking about what they did "wrong", ask questions

Help them know you care about their feelings by reflecting on what you heard them say about their feelings focusing more on the feelings than the actions and do your best to relate to what they expressed

Ask them what they think they could have done to help the situation not get to the level that it did

Model positive behaviors and emotional regulation - demonstrate what you expect in your own behaviors

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