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NBK Shifts...AGAIN

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

I've always been one to question when "rules" don't make sense and it is no different in my business , Notes by Khia, LLC.

Being a licensed social worker my field has allowed me to experience many things...

I earned my Master's in social work from USC specializing in children and families.

Children and families have always been my main focus and my drive into the field. Even while I still thought that I would go to school and major in journalism my heart always drew me to the experiences of children and people who didn't have a say in what their life looked like. So...once I decided on sociology and social work I always thought therapy was the way.

Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed doing therapy, but, realized my calling is BIGGER.

I began getting opportunities to teach and train and I knew THAT is where my heart is 💓

My social work degree also allowed me to work in schools (this was a dream job for me but Oklahoma did not quite understand this role yet so therapy it was). Working in schools I got the opportunity to work with students and their families but also teachers and staff. I was able to help them to see where they could improve as well - giving students a better rate of success, being more gentle with students we knew had mental health struggles as well as the rest of their students as well.

While it is true that parents/families are the foundation of children's mental health, the other adults in their lives make up the building.

It takes a village

At first, I thought that I had to choose how to help. However, I reminded myself that I am not a small dreamer (one thing I will admit I got from my dad). So, I am setting out to train all of them! I want to bring together parents, teachers, principals, doctors, nurses, etc and teach the importance of children's mental wellness and the role that each of you play in that.

I launched my new workshop series, interACTIONS on Aug 30, 2021! Get on the waiting list for the next one today! Click here!

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