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Healing the Black Woman 2021 

#HealSis: Healing From The Inside Out 

What would it mean to you to have a better and stronger relationship with your daughter? Your mother? Your sister? What would it mean for you to be better for yourself?

Time is TBD
Oklahoma City

Healing the Black Woman was created for black girls and women ages 6 and up. This experience was created to break generational curses by reconecting bonds between mothers and daughters, sisters, women, period. 


We often speak about the impact that father/daughter and mother/son relationships have on our lives but not very often do we expose and discuss the impact of mother/daughter relationships. 


For centuries in the black community mothers and daughters have struggled to connect and have healthy bonds and it has hindered us in ways that are not being talked about enough. Healing the Black Woman was created for us! 




Khia Glover 

Host, Owner of Notes by Khia, LLC

Khia (long I, not like the car) is a licensed social worker, child and family therapist, and mental health coach with a heart for the Black Family. Khia created Healing the Black Woman as a response to noticing the amount of competition and strife that happens amongst Black women and particularly Black mothers and daughters. 



C. McCord Promo Pic 1490 - Chanel McCord

I Am Not My Trauma: Re-discovering and Re-identifying You


 Trauma happens! While it is one of the unfortunate life occurrences we prefer not to claim, it is a reality of being human. Oftentimes when we experience trauma we develop a familiar relationship with it that starts to determine our thoughts, behaviors and decision-making. Before long, we start to live a life that is trauma led instead of one where we are in control of the reins. Trauma takes over our identity and even in healing, if we are not intentional, our thoughts, behaviors and decision-making will still be representative of our trauma identity instead of our true identity. I Am Not My Trauma: Re-discovering and Re-Identifying You is a workshop setup to help attendees to recognize their trauma identities and do the work to peel back the layers of the false self that trauma creates so they can start to re-discover and re-identify with their true, healed selves.

Oasis is a counseling center and organization founded to be a cornerstone in the 3 Core Model of psycho-social-spiritual wellness. The 3 Core Model represents the mental, social/recreational and spiritual/faith factors that make up the whole person. Oasis aims to enrich and empower individuals and families from all walks of life through dynamic and transformational counseling and wellness initiatives that are focused on the 3 Core Model through retreats, workshops, conferences, seminars and community partnerships.

Chanel McCord



Jen Armstrong


Marlee & Me: How we love, laugh, and healed together!

Jen Armstrong, The Fit Nutritionista, has not let her experience take her family! Instead, she is fueled by what she has been through and is determined to make sure her children heal as well. Including her daughter in her cooking, yoga sessions, and so much more Jen is not only healing for her daughter but WITH her daughter  and she is going to demonstrate how you can do the same! 

Jennifer Armstrong, is the dynamic powerhouse behind The Fit Nutritionista.  As the companie’s CEO, and Certified Nutrition & Wellness Educator and Consultant, Jen utilizes her 8 years of knowledge and experience to put her clients on the path to living their best life! As a single mother to Canyon and Marcia, Jen relates well to her target audience, women ages 25-45, who lead busy lives working, raising children, and serving their families.   Jen’s second target audience consists of singles age 19-65 who have a desire to eat healthy while staying within a budget, but need guidance in planning, shopping for, and cooking meals that are designed for 1 to 2 people.


Chemyeeka Tumblin


Positively Meek is all about Mental Health Awareness, speciality in Maternal Mental Health; Mental Health within the African American Community with emphasis on Silencing the Stigma, as well as, Mental Health and the Church/ Religion

Refill, Sustain & Overflow


As a mother you give and pour into others daily. You are prescribed to the strong woman narrative and much of your identity is wrapped in independence. It's what we've been taught since birth as a black woman. This presentation will cover practices and techniques to refill your cup and understand how to sustain yourself so that you can have overflow to give from. Without you no one else can function? Or are you living an example of how to care and heal for your daughters know what to do in relationships where you are not present?


While I cannot guarantee that this event will work like a magic wand and make all of your problems go away what I can promise is that you will be inspired, empowered, and encouraged to live your absolute best life! Think of it as the kickstart to your journey or as a next step in your journey! 

You, as a phenomenal Black woman deserve this! You deserve a safe space to heal, to cry, to have other women that relate to you and things you face on a daily basis. 

When you purchase your ticket by April 30 you will also receive a box in the mail including gifts from our sponsors as well as a code to order your lunch and have it delivered to your home. 

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