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cycle breaker!

Image by Annie Spratt

This is for the cycle breakers

Cycle breaker: individual designated by God, spiritual guide, ancestors, or just life as the one who will put an end to toxic and unhealthy cycles for themselves and future generations

Seeking something better?

You being here tells me you probably recognize that there are some habits and cycles that need to be broken but you're not sure how. 


​If you're like me, you likely didn't grow up in an environment where you were taught how to manage you're emotions and care for your mental health. Hell, you probably even got threatened when expressing your emotions. aka "stop crying before I...if you can finish it, I'm talking to you. 

Being a cycle breaker means you didn't have much of an example, if any, on how to make the changes that you're working so hard to change. Parenting in a way that is careful about your child's mental health, let alone in a way that considers your own. 

hi! I'm khia 

I'm here to support you in identifying, understanding, and breaking cycles that have kept you stuck, down, & struggling, to get to the life cycle breakers were meant to have. I am here to support you in learning the wellness skills you need for yourself & that you can pass on to your children to make your life & theirs better. 

you deserve the absolute best life possible!

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I have serval opportunities for us to work together! 

Digital Resources that provide education and activities to support and enhance your cycle breaking journey

Join group coaching with other members of the community


Office hours to work with me 1:1 or as a family

Consultations for upcoming social workers who have questions about the exam or field or teachers and other professionals seeking children's mental health questions 

Book Khia to speak at your event or participate on panels. 

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