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rising above

Teen Devotional for Girls: prayers and activities to help manage anxiety

In Rising Above Teen Devotional, clinical therapist Khia Glover explains Scripture to help you navigate life's challenges while giving faith-based advice and providing techniques to help you process overwhelming emotions, build trust in yourself, and achieve goals.

Khia's personal and professional experiences with anxiety and spiritual background provide young readers with stories and solutions to challenges that are relatable and empowering. 

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My name is Khia (long i, not like the car) and growing up I always felt that I was special, I was pretty fearless, and what other people thought had nothing to do with me or what my life could look like. Accepting the reality of others for my own was never an option. 


Until…I started getting older, the conflicts with my parents increased, I felt misunderstood, depression and anxiety found their way to me, and I slowly started to lose my confidence and empowered attitude a little at a time. 


I was able to maintain enough confidence (backed by my people pleasing tendencies desperate for my parents’ approval that ironically led to much demise) to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology - Human Services from the University of Central Oklahoma followed by earning my Masters in Social Work, specializing in children and families, from the University of Southern California. 


I have had a fairly successful career in mental health since 2012 working with various populations, thriving most in empowering individuals to reclaim their life from mental and emotional health struggles, teaching practical skills for mental health management, supporting families in behavior, conflict, and transition management. I only say fairly successful because it was never exactly what I wanted to do and how I desired to help families experience change due to various rules, system structures, etc. 


Even in childhood I recognized that there were different ways to parent that didn’t make me feel awful all the time so I vowed to never be the same way and here I am helping you to parent differently. 


Although I have been able to be successful there were several points in my life where depression, self-doubt, anxiety, low self-esteem, and people pleasing held me back from reaching my full potential - until now that is. 


I recognize that most parents are just repeating cycles they’ve experienced, there is a lack of shared knowledge about how parenting impacts children’s mental health in public spaces, and most childhood trauma runs deep through generations. 


I heard a great example in my life growing up say, “If you know better, you do better” so here is to knowing better, doing better, and living better *champagne glass toast

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