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mental health education 

If you work with youth in any capacity you are likely to come across at least one who struggles with depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

The symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma unfortunately do not only show up at home and can impact students at church, school, and even in extra curricular activities. 

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If your role with your students is not, "therapist" you likely did not attend school to learn mental health diagnoses and coping skills.

Would you know what to do if one of your students was having a panic attack or disclosed having suicidal thoughts? 

What if one of your students experienced a major trauma...would you know how to talk to them or help determine their needs? What if you didn't understand their behavior?

Image by Mira Van der Veen

You may not have attended school to learn these things but I did! 

I cannot make you a mental health expert but I can help you understand the basics of mental health and simple tools you can use to support your students in a way that is empowering and creates a healthy environment for all of your students. 

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A little learning and a WHOLE LOT of fun!
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Oklahoma City, OK, USA

you are not alone!

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How can we work together?



A 90 minute strategy session with Khia is the perfect way to get answers to your teen mental health questions. You'll leave this session with a strategy you can implement immediately. For just $77 (a $347 value!), you can get the help you need.

Business conference

Group training 

Book Khia to speak to your staff about pre-teen and teen mental health including anxiety, depression, and trauma.


Be sure you and your staff have the tools to effectively help your students through mental health struggles in a way that connects with the student and gets results. 


Complete mini courses at your own pace. 


parenting & educating

Workshops for parents and teachers on children's mental health and how to make a positive impact on that through your interACTIONS with children. 

Purchase the Devotional for your students 

Rising Above: Teen Devotional for Girls includes 52 weekly devotions, Scriptures, prayers, and anxiety-relieving activities that your daughter can use at school, at church, and in other social settings that incite anxious thoughts and feelings.

Click the button below for more information and to inquire about hosting student groups. 

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