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feeling stuck?

Has your pre-teenager or teenager been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or trauma? 

Maybe they have not been diagnosed but you have heard them associate those words with the way they feel. 

Maybe your child has had inpatient stays due to anxiety and depression symptoms leading to self-harm, suicidal thoughts, or even suicidal attempts and you're not sure what to do.  

Image by Mira Van der Veen

As someone who has anxiety, depression, and trauma diagnoses myself and who has also parented a child with the diagnoses, it can often feel like nothing you're doing is enough. 

Image by Mira Van der Veen

You don't want to give up on your child but you're just not sure what else to do or what your child is even needing from you when you have given all that you know how. 

Image by Mira Van der Veen

you are not alone!

Image by Mira Van der Veen

How can we work together?


90 MIN Healthy Family strategy session

Healthy Family Strategy Sessions with Khia provides an innovative approach to resolving conflicts within your family. Khia will work with you to discuss and resolve any issues that are impacting your family, helping to create a healthier and more harmonious home environment. Through this service, Khia will provide guidance and support to help your family make long-lasting positive changes.


payment plans available 

Family Portrait


Complete mini courses at your own pace. 

Young Businesswomen

parenting & educating

Workshops for parents and teachers on children's mental health and how to make a positive impact on that through your interACTIONS with children. 

Purchase the Devotional for your teen 

Rising Above: Teen Devotional for Girls includes 52 weekly devotions, Scriptures, prayers, and anxiety-relieving activities that your daughter can use at school, at church, and in other social settings that incite anxious thoughts and feelings.  

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