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Do What Makes You Happy

You know there are so many ideas in the world about the way that things should be done.

Go to college. You don't have to go to college to be successful. If you meet a potential mate in this way it's not real. The only way to know if a person is for you is to feel a certain something. Write down your plans or they won't prevail. 

What if we didn't always worry so much about the way others think we should live our lives? How much better would our quality of life be if we just did what makes us happy?

Life is short. And while the people around us may have our best interest at heart they don't always know exactly what is best for us or what the future will look like. Not to say that they are always wrong but at some point you have to think for yourself.  Sometimes those that care about you have selfish reasons for the way they want you to do things. Just because you're not staying in your comfort zone, doesn't mean that everyone around you will step out at the same time. And just to clear it up this is not a rebellious post. I'm not saying go completely against everyone in your life that loves you. What I am saying is that sometimes you have to go with what feels right to you and not what it looks like to others. One of my major life goals is to never look back and regret decisions that I made because that is what someone else wanted for me.

I was having a conversation with one of my sisters the other night and it just reminded me that we all have our own way of doing things and that is okay. For instance, some people are extremely organized and have to have things written out while others are okay flying by the seat of their pants. One is not necessarily more right than the other. I am so proud of both of my sisters for going after their dreams. They both stepped out of their comfort zone in a major way and I admire them both for that.

We must also take into consideration that our experiences have a large part in shaping the way that we live our lives. The way we think. The way that we act. The way feel about particular topics. Your experience is different than mine and therefore I am going to handle situations in a way that makes sense to me based on what has happened to me in the past. In addition, it will be based on what I was or was not taught by my parents and several other influences around me.

When you are SURE about something, or even if you're not 100% sure but have a strong desire GO FOR IT! Do not let anyone talk you out of it. People will share poor experiences sometimes in an attempt to warn you and other times to discourage you. Either way, not everyone has the same experiences so don't let that scare you out of your dreams and desires.

The basic point of this short post is -trust your heart. Do what makes your heart flutter. There will be so many people in your life that are negative or don't believe in what you are trying to do but you have to know in your heart when something is right.

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