• Khia

Road Rage Faith

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Road Rage Faith? Huh? What are you talking about, Khia?

Let me explain.

So, if you know me and have ridden in the car with me you probably know I have a teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy, problem with road rage (hush). So, if you're like me and you have a small problem with road rage you may identify with this situation: you're in your little Kia trying to leave the parking lot of the grocery store or sitting at a yellow yield light waiting to turn left, there's a big Escalade in front of you, it looks like no one is coming and the Escalade is just sitting there taking up precious minutes of your day. You start to get frustrated, yelling at them to go as if they can hear you, then...you see the reason why they couldn't go. Whether there was another car in front of them or something in the road or a car coming that you couldn't see. You feel kind of shameful.

How does this relate to faith? Glad you asked.

If we are doing things the right way (caveat) God is in front of us. He is watching the road, waiting until it is safe to go. We are sitting behind him asking questions, "God why aren't we moving? Why are we just sitting here? Go!".

I actually had this happen to me the other day and that is when God spoke to me about having Road Rage Faith.

God is bigger than us. Just like we can't see around the Escalade in the Kia we can't see around God. God sees things that we can't. He sees what is coming down the road that could just kill us if we are not careful and proceed with caution.

Here's another situation...you are following your friend to a place and she's taking forever to pull out of the parking lot. Then, you see she was waiting to make sure both of you can go safely and not get separated.

God is the same way. He is watching out for your safety. He wants you to stay close to Him. He wants to make sure we avoid obstacles that may separate you from Him so that you don't get lost.

We are so busy getting mad at God that we are not even thinking that this is His natural character. We get tired of waiting, forgetting that His interest is not just in "the desires of our heart" but what is going to be the best for us.

We say, "Jesus, take the wheel" but we are still trying to control the brakes and the accelerator.

So why do I call this Road Rage Faith? We have the faith that God is leading. We know that it is Him in front us. We even know that He is watching the road. But, that road rage kicks in when things are not going our way. When we think I should be married by now, I should have kids by now, I should be at this place in my career (blog to come about being patient where you are at any given time). We have to remember that His timing is perfect. He is all-knowing and can see much further down the line than we could ever even try to fathom. We have to get to a place where we trust God more than ourselves. It's hard, trust me. I'm dealing with this RIGHT NOW. I had things planned out in my mind, how they would go and my life is not going that way at all. I have always known exactly what I wanted to do in life and pretty good timeline set for everything that was going to happen. So, for a girl like me, suddenly being in a place where everything seems turned upside down and I don't know which way is up these days I am lost! Not only am I my extremely hard on myself and my level of success I also have anxiety...these are not good combinations! But, I am learning (the hard way) that even though trusting God's plans seems hard at first, once you actually let go of it and step back, leaving it all at the table, it is much easier on you. You know when you have a group project in school and you say which parts of the project you're going to take then someone else volunteers to take on one of those tasks. When you're a freshman you think 'no way, he is going to do it wrong and it is going to fall on me and my grade is going to suffer'. But by the time you get to senior year, it's more like, 'Okay, do whatever you want. W