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2018: My Year Review

December 2018...

I can't believe that we are already at the end of the year. It seems like it went by quickly until you start seeing on social media that Black Panther was just this past February.

This has been a crazy year for me. Ups and downs doesn't even begin to describe what I've been through in 2018. But you know, God has a very mysterious way about Himself.

For every down God gave me "ups" to celebrate.

Photo Cred: Jaleccia Ates Photography

We won't spend a lot of talking about the downs other than the fact that they taught me invaluable lessons and really grew me up...a lot.

The goods though....whew! Well, here's a few:

  1. Passed my Licensed Master Social Worker Exam

  2. Got the job I wanted as a School Based Therapist

  3. Launched my new website

  4. Launched my online store...and made sales which is the important part lol

  5. Took part in my first mental health forum

  6. Got to go to California for the first time with my besties

  7. Was in my friend's wedding

  8. Bought a car all on my own

  9. FINALLY left a relationship that was no good for me

  10. I have started working on a mental health conference for next year (more info coming soon)

  11. I have grown so much!!!!

You know, around the holidays people start asking what you are thankful for and every single time "growth" has been the first thing to come to mind. I guess this is because despite everything that I have been through this year I am still standing. I can see my responses to things changing. I can feel myself being so much closer to my vision God placed in me so long ago. It feels like things are really starting to come together.

This doesn't mean that things are perfect. I still have a long way to go. My Pastor actually mentioned in a recent sermon that "the tough thing about growing is that you see how much more growing you have to do". It's so true. As God continues to work in you He continuously reveals other areas where you need to make changes. That, in turn, makes it harder to ignore those areas and claim ignorance. I am grateful for the growth though. It's painful and it is coming with way more changes than I bargained for. But, I know that in order to get to where God is taking me I have to walk the path. And in that path are many thorns and pot holes but we are making it.

Comment below what your highlights and lessons were of 2018.

Don't forget to please share as well.

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