• Khia

3 Ways to Ditch the Stress and Parent/Educate Mindfully

OK, let's be real, as great as parenting and educating mindfully SOUNDS it is not always an EASY feat - no matter how much I teach it, I will never ignore that fact. There are endless reasons for why this technique is amazing and the transformation that it will bring, whether in your home or your classroom, but when it's not what you grew up with it takes a lot of effort.


You can do it...

One main reason that people struggle with doing anything mindfully is because of the chaos and stress happening already.

As a parent attempting to mindfully parent your children you may feel that you just can't right now because:

- The house is a wild jungle

- They don't listen already

- They act like they don't understand until I raise my voice

- My partner is not on board and I feel like I'm doing it on my own

- I have much bigger issues that need my attention first

- I can't even hear my own thoughts I'm so stressed right now

As a teacher it may sound like,

- I have 45 kids in my class and you expect me to do what?!

- My admin is not supportive, making things worse

- I am under a lot of pressure to meet certain evaluation standards

- I can barely even teach my lessons in the time that I have right now

Trust me, I get it! I understand!

But, just hear me out?

Parenting and educating mindfully are meant to not only help the children grow mentally and emotionally (amongst many other things) but also relieve some of these other stressors.

The idea is that as you shift and intentionally incorporate mindfulness the other things will begin to shift as well. "But how do I get there, Khia?"

Glad you asked, hehe.

1. Stay the Course