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How to be your own cheerleader in a world full of doubters

This is an older post as you can probably tell but I feel that the content is still relevant.

I am not a sports fan nor do I pretend to know much about it, however, a lot of inspiration seems to come from the things that I hear about athletes and what is going on in the sports world.

Someone was explaining to me exactly why Dak Prescott, the rookie quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is such a big deal. I knew that two major reasons were that 1) he is Black and 2) he is young but it was explained to me that there is much more to his story. I was told that he was a 3rd round draft pick and even I, as a non football fan, understand that 3rd pick isn't really the best position to be in. I could see just from my Facebook timeline people talking about Tony Romo and how even though Romo has messed up time and time again and Prescott was winning games people still wanted Romo over Prescott for whatever reasons.

This conversation about Prescott really had me thinking about all of the times I felt my talents, my abilities, and my dreams were discounted. There have been times that I feel like I could have done something that another person was chosen to do and in the past I have gotten offended because I felt like it was personal.

One thing that I admire about Prescott is that when he is interviewed he always makes sure that he includes his whole team in the answer. I have heard him interviewed a couple of the times that I have been made to watch football (lol) and he is always so humble and professional. Even when the interviewer tries to push him to be act like to stereotypical cocky athlete they can never get it out of him. This taught me something.

This taught me that it does not matter what other people say about you. It does not matter what people try to make you out to be to feel better about themselves. What matters is that you get out and get your job done, whatever it is, do the best that you can, and maintain your composure. I'm learning now that it is counterproductive trying to prove to them who you are now. The focus should be on nursing and perfecting your craft and they will see later. I am learning that someone not believing in me or buying into my gifts, talents, and crafts is not personal. At least not towards me. It is personal inside of them.

I will be great. I will do great things. I will be happy. I will live my life. God has "plans to prosper me, to give me hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11).

I don't even know what all God is going to do through me, so how could someone else proclaim what is going to happen in my life? It's absurd.

So, my message to you is: "Do you boo boo".

Don't worry about the crowd. There will always be a crowd. In that crowd there will be people cheering you on and there will be people watching intensely for your fumble.  Why does their belief or doubt in you matter if you believe in yourself? I understand the importance of having support. A true, unwavering, unmistakable team behind you always makes the rough road a little easier. But if you look around and don't see anyone there don't worry about it. Keep going for the end zone. I promise they will all be there in shock and amazement. Questioning how you did it. You be your own biggest cheerleader. Trust your process. Trust your knowledge. Trust yourself.

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